Our restaurant is surrounded by a park of two hectares, with a breathtaking panoramic view. Our cooking is based on traditional local specialities of salentine cuisine. You can choose to have dinner indoors with air conditioning or outdoors.


Breakfast and Brunch

The breakfast includes a buffet of sweet and savoury from 8 a.m. till 11 a.m.
For dinner, from 8 p.m. till 9:30 p.m., you will find the genuine tastes of our ancient country tradition, enriched by the creativity of the landlady.
For your long days to the beach and for your trips you can book a packed lunch: cakes, rolls, sandwiches, salads.

The salentine cuisine

Our traditional cooking will make you taste unique flavours with simple ingredients, dressed with an excellent extra virgin olive oil and washed down with a high quality local wine. You can taste both very fine flavours and simple, both tasty and tempting,  through an alchemy of scents, tastes and smells, which brings out the flavour of each ingredient in a sublime blend of amazing nuances.

Our salentine cuisine has always been true to its origins, but it has also been able to adapt to the different modern habits.


Some of our recipes: Ciciri and Tria

One of our best dishes is Ciciri and Tria: homemade pasta with chickpeas.

Preparation: leave the chickpeas to soak all night long. The following morning, soak the chickpeas in salt water and with a bay leaf, in a terracotta pot (our so-called “pignata”), then start cooking.
Prepare a dough with flour, water and salt and roll it out with a rolling pin (our so-called “minnaturu”). Cut the sheet of pasta dough into thin strips, then place them on a floured tray for about three hours. Cook half pasta in salted water and fry the other half in olive oil. Join the pasta to the cooked chickpeas.